I am a sixth generation Long Lake native.  William Austin was one of the first six families to settle here. Every generation since has included guideboat builders, guides, carpenters, cooks and artists. My appreciation and love of this heritage is the inspiration for my work.

Experimenting with many art mediums over the past 35 years, this journey has led me to settle into mixed media fibre art. It gives me great freedom of design and expression, enabling me to create images that stir memories and emotions from one’s own Adirondack experience.

I have received awards from national and regional shows, exhibited and demonstrated at the Adirondack Museum and have been teaching for twelve years. I have no idea what lies ahead but the Adirondacks will continue to be the fuel for my creative passion.

She believed she could, so she did. Adirondack Women...
Delightfully uncivilized

Louisa Austin Wright     518-572-7772